Your Future Self Will Thank You Review

Book Review: 

I found this book really easy to read and get into right from the get go. Drew writes in a relatable style, with humor and humility. I enjoyed it. It was refreshing to get a look into self control and really take a look at our tendencies as humans. However the key to being proactive with self control is good habits formed which steer us naturally away from weaknesses and temptations.

Here's some notes I took of things that stood out for me:

* Self control is the ability to do the right thing even when you don't feel like it

* Jesus said the most important thing for us to do is Love God first and love others as ourselves. That is why we are here. Our highest love must be for God. We operate out of our loves, is what we are doing showing this as priority?

* We have a finite amount of willpower that crosses into all areas. He gave some great examples here of tests done on people. It's funny as it made a lot of sense for me. Things like making decisions, saying no to donuts, multitasking, exhaustion and not enough sleep, conflict - these ALL drain your willpower. So if, for example, you don't get enough sleep and have decisions to make - you might not be able to stick to your diet so easily - as your willpower was drained with the other things.

* We need to formulate a plan for situations we fall prey to temptations

* We can strengthen our willpower.

*Try to conserve your willpower for your family.

* Prayer sustains our willpower and has been shown to really make a difference.

* Build righteous habits into our lives. they are more reliable than self control.

* Knowledge doesn't always transfer to action

* Billy Graham had the habit of leaving his Bible open and to read it whenever he sees it. And he always prayed.

* Habits built into our lives shape who we end up becoming

* When praying follow your mind where it goes and pray for that.

* To form good habits make routines based on a cue which leads to the routine and then the reward.

* Introduce one new habit at a time and be consistent - same time - same place

* Keystone habits: exercise, family meals together, prayer, church attendance, Bible Reading

I got a lot out of this book. I found it inspirational and practical. Some of the things Drew suggested or said he was doing are things I'd also like to incorporate into my life.

I would definitely recommend it.

Please note that I was sent a copy of this book for purposes of review, however all opinions expressed are entirely my own.