Your Old Testament Sermon Needs to Get Saved Review

Book Review: 

In a day and age where some preachers minimize the Old Testament to the detriment of the church and its members, "Your Old Testament Sermon Needs To Get Saved" is a great read and challenge to incorporate the Old Testament into preaching. Around 130 pages, the title covers many topics on the subject, including:

- The importance and necessity for using the Old Testament in preaching.

- How Jesus Christ is connected to the Old Testament (prophecy, wisdom, lifestyle, etc.).

- Potential problems when preaching out of the Old Testament.

- Benefits you experience from preaching out the Old Testament.

- Ways to incorporate the Old Testament into preaching.

The book is very readable, contains many good points and suggestions, provides ample biblical evidence for preaching out of the Old Testament, and is easy understandable and practical. Very good aid for anyone serious about treating the Old Testament with more importance. For several months I served as a guest speaker at a local church until they found a permanent pastor. During my time I preached from the Minor Prophets and wish this title would have been available to me then. Recommended.

I received a review copy from Moody Publishers in exchange for a fair review and appreciate the opportunity.