Your Old Testament Sermon Needs to Get Saved Review

Book Review: 

Where can Christ be found in the Old Testament? In Your Old Testament Sermon Needs to Get Saved, David M. King presents a handbook for preaching Christ from the Old Testament.

All of Scripture Finds its Fulfillment in Jesus

The 150-page book is divided into three parts. First, King answers the question: Why Should I Preach Christ from the Old Testament? Speaking truthfully about the text itself is not enough. Trusting God is not the main point of every OT sermon. Progressive revelation and the covenants are considered to show that we should preach Christ from the OT because all of Scripture finds its fulfillment in him.

In Part 2, King shows us how to preach Christ from the Old Testament. He uses a three-step process: (1) Text, (2) Christ, (3) Us. What is the main point of the passage in the Old Testament context? How is the main point of the passage fulfilled in Christ? Does the gospel retain, retool, or retire the main point of the passage?

The Mission of the Message

Section 2 is the meat of the book. Case studies and illustrations are sprinkled throughout, and King does a good job of helping you get the gist of his process. Case studies in fulfillment include (1) Prophetic promise, (2) Ethical instruction, (3) Fallen humanity, (4) Typological revelation, (5) Narrative progression, and (6) Theological theme.

Part 3 explains what happens when Christ is preached from the Old Testament. He gives 3 problems to avoid and lists 10 benefits, but the bottom line is that the mission of preaching the message that Jesus Christ is Lord is accomplished.

Point Them Towards Christ

King concludes with the memorable picture of two paintings – showing two pointings. One finger towards the Bible, and another finger towards Christ. As God’s people, we need to remember our history, but we also need to look forward and hold fast to our promises in Christ. This book will help preachers proclaim Christ in all of Scripture.

I received a media copy of Your Old Testament Sermon Needs to Get Saved and this is my honest review.