Your Old Testament Sermon Needs to Get Saved Review

Book Review: 

Let me start by saying that I’m not the target audience for this book. I really liked the title and so that kind of hooked me, but ultimately I found myself already familiar with the material. This, of course, is no fault of David King, but I should say up front that if you are familiar with the concept of preaching Christ from the Old Testament then you’re not going to find anything new here.

If you aren’t familiar with that concept then this is the book for you! You need this book. It’s short, accessible, and full of information that will totally transform your preaching. This would be a great book to hand to someone who consistently camps in the New Testament when they preach or their sermons are full of moralism and lack the gospel.

The book is laid out in three parts. Part 1 is the why, part 2 is the how, and part 3 answers how this will transform your ministry. For me, the how section was most beneficial, but I understand the necessity of the “why” if this is a new concept for someone.

The thing I appreciate most about this book is the organization. King has laid the content out well including helpful points and graphics when it comes to figuring out how to preach Jesus from Old Testament passages. He even includes some helpful case studies.

My main concern is that this book won’t find its way into the hands it needs to be in. Most pastors who need to know how to do this probably aren’t familiar with 9Marks. I suppose the hope is that it will be passed along by faithful pastors seeking to help other pastors. Possibly it could be helpful in seminary preaching courses as well.

This is a good and helpful book. I think many who are likely to hear about it and pick it up are already familiar with the material and aren’t the target audience. However, hopefully those people can get it into the right hands.

Disclaimer: I received a complimentary copy of this book from Moody Publishers in exchange for a fair and honest review.