Your Old Testament Sermon Needs to Get Saved Review

Book Review: 

How do you preach about the covenant sign of circumcision (Gen 17) or the zeal of Phinehas at Baal Peor (Num 25)? “Your Old Testament Sermon Needs to Get Saved is a practical handbook for preaching Christ from the Old Testament” (11). David King presents straightforward reasons why preachers must engage in this noble task (Part 1), then spends the bulk of the book presenting a practical approach for doing so (Part 2). Part 3 addresses the cautions and benefits when studying Scripture with Christ at the center.

King’s three-step process for interpreting every Old Testament text is both clear and memorable: Text, Christ, Us (49). Decide on the main idea of the passage in its Old Testament context (52), discover the main idea’s fulfillment in Christ (59), then determine how this good news applies to us today (99). He uses plenty of examples, illustrations, and case studies, to clear up difficult questions for the student of Scripture. Of particular help is his explanation of typology and its uses (72-79). He also provides six categories, like tools in a toolbox, for understanding how the Old Testament is fulfilled in Christ (ch. 4). He then demonstrates each of these categories through actual case studies (ch. 5) and pushes hard for application to “present everyone mature in Christ” (Col 1:28).

This handbook, though not intended to be exhaustive, will prove a useful resource for anyone who studies and teaches the Bible. It includes much useful application as a pastor, counselor, and parent. Readers will come away with a greater love for Christ, a better understanding of Scripture, and more confidence as they study the Old Testament.