Yours, Till Heaven Review

Book Review: 

I'm typically not one to read biographies of any sort, but when it comes to some of the great theologians of our time, I believe there is so much to gain from understanding their day to day lives. Charges & Susie Spurgeon are no exception to this.

This book is solely discovering the relationship and marriage of Charles and Susie Spurgeon. Yes, it discusses Charles' great ministry but only to the amount of how it effected or impacted their marriage. I love that Rhodes took this approach as we often forget that great theologians are normal people with normal day to day lives just like us. How can they live a godly marriage with a godly family in the midst of a godly ministry?

Rhodes' first disclaimer is that he retells their marriage story from a thematic perspective rather than a chronological perspective. He includes a timeline for reference sake, but decided to focus on the major themes of their godly marriage throughout the years. It is evident through the retelling that these themes began at the start of their relationship and they chose to implement the themes throughout their years until death.

There are several quotes from Spurgeon and Susie included throughout the book that provides a bit of depth. The book also concludes with many pictures of their lives to give a quick visual.

Ultimately, this book is a journey through their godly marriage as a model for other believers rather than a biography on their lives and ministry. I believe any person would gain much wisdom from reading their marriage story.

I received a copy of this book from Moody Publishers in exchange for an honest review.