Zealous for Good Works Review

Book Review: 

I loved this quick read from Todd Wilson, as he elaborates on "turn(ing) sinners saved by grace into believers who are zealous for good works that glorify God and win others to Christ." This can be a common question in our modern-day church: How does the church shine like a city on a hill, and what is the best way to serve our communities, and to thus draw others to Christ? As I have seen my own home church seek to reach and impact its local community, this book was a huge draw for me, as I seek to learn more and more about this topic, and I was delighted when Moody Publishers mailed me a copy. Wilson succinctly outlines important topics as we strive to be zealous for good works, as he elaborates on a specific passage in Titus, focuses on discipleship and leadership, and encourages people to be truly devoted to good works. I don't believe this book is limited to those who are in church leadership, or to those who have grown up in the church. Instead, I think all can benefit from the wisdom contained in this book, and my prayer is that this book can become a tool, or an impetus, to get churches involved and aiding their local communities.